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Curiosity Corner

Kids playing with apps at Curiosity Corner

Where curious kids come to play & explore

Every child needs and deserves the chance to become literate and knowledgeable in the technology that now defines our modern age. But not every family has the means to have the costly technology available for use by children at home.

Surrey Libraries is committed to championing literacy — in all its forms — for every member of our community. Curiosity Corner is a new initiative at Surrey Libraries’ Newton, Strawberry Hill, and City Centre branches, designed to spark the interest of kids and their parents in exploring the digital sphere. Equipped with six iPads, Curiosity Corner is a colourful and comfortable space where children and parents can play games and read stories on iPads for free. The iPads are loaded with age-appropriate apps which encourage children’s learning and curiosity. Apps were selected for ages 4-8, and focus on important skills like learning words, becoming familiar with the alphabet and basic numbers, and developing memory and learning ability. This great new project particularly supports families which don’t have the means to access digital technology in the home.

Tips for Sharing an app with your preschooler

Play With Your Child
Just as you would sit down to share a picture book with your child, take time to play an app with your child. Research shows that your child will learn more if you experience the app together.

Balanced Media Diet
It is important to incorporate a variety of media in your child's experiences, just as you do in your child's diet. Picture books, oral stories, rhymes, songs and play are all an important part of your child's healthy development.

Set Rules
Kids like routine, and it can be difficult to change a habit. Set rules for your family about how much time is spent on an iPad, watching TV, etc. Remember that you are your child's role model and a screen time limit should apply to everyone in the family.

Developmentally Appropriate
Most apps come with rough age guidelines (ex: ages 3+) but you know your child best. Young children can become frustrated with apps that are too complex, while older children can bore easily with something that does not have enough interactivity. Ask a librarian to help you select an appropriate app. We can also lead you to good review sources. One of our favourites is

Download a list of apps from Curiosity Corner

Curiosity Corner is supported by Telus Vancouver Community Board

Telus Vancouver Community Board