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Book Advisor Surrinder

Fiction, South Asian Fiction, Books set in India, Children’s Fiction, Teen Fiction, Picture Books
I love reading stories that I can relate to. I’m a big fan of South Asian settings and authors, If the story is just right, I’ll often stay awake reading throughout the night. As a Youth Services Technician, I’m constantly reading children’s fiction and teen fiction too. I’m not a fan of mysteries and I rarely read non-fiction, but if you’re looking for a good realistic story with great characters, I can help you.

Book Advisor Braden

Fiction: Historical, Literary, Classics, Short Stories, Award Winners, Humorous, Some Fantasy
Non Fiction: History, Bio, Travel, Science. Audiobooks

The majority of what I read have two things in common: a good story and an opportunity to learn something. I love the sweeping historical epics of Ken Follett, the modern masterpieces of John Irving and many others in between. My occupational hazard is that I can’t help but come across new and amazing books. This leaves my “to read” list far longer than I could ever manage. In addition to reading traditional bound books I also listen to audiobooks because let’s face it, any opportunity to read more is one I’m going to take.
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Book Advisor Sara

Horror, Classics, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Rock 'n' Roll, Speculative Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy, Vampire Literature, Canadian Indie Rock, Papercraft
A fan of the weird and wonderful, I love reading books that seek to illustrate something about the human condition. My bookshelf features classic 18th and 19th century novels alongside books that use horror, fantasy and sci-fi as metaphors for societal fears. I’m also keen on rock ‘n roll memoirs, craft books and stories about dogs.
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Book Advisor Meghan

Literary Fiction, contemporary fiction, dystopian, psychological suspense, classics, memoirs, popular non-fiction, award winners, Canadian fiction, BC authors, poetry, Young Adult
I devour books while relaxing during epic transit commutes. From thrilling page turners to moody Canadian fiction, I always have my head in a book. I enjoy clever writing with beautiful turns of phrase and relish the opportunity to learn something new. I can help you find books with interesting characters, poetic language, and surprising twists.
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Book Advisor Jen

Food, language, writing, personal finance, self-help, psychology, sociology, health, general interest science books, humour, travel, parenting, biography, LGBTQ, technology, business management, leadership, fantasy, science fiction, graphic novels (all ages)
Reading is marvelous. I am constantly amazed and delighted by the books I read. And if I’m not, then I abandon it and move on. Life is too short to finish books that are not worthy. While I read widely, I love personal finance (definitely hot-off-the-press Canadian ones), self-help, psychology, sociology, health (particularly mental health), science books for the layperson (with a special affection for astronomy and robotics competitions), humour and essays, and business management and leadership. I also dip my toes in the travel section, as well as in parenting, biography, gender studies (i.e. LGBTQ), technology, food, language, writing – and every once in a while, I read a little fiction. I also love young adult and children’s fiction, especially with supernatural elements (not zombies!). I have a life-long love of fantasy and science fiction, and lately I’ve been devouring the world of graphic novels (kids, teen, and adult) and LGBTQ teen fiction.
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Book Advisor Linda

Memoirs, dysfunctional families, contemporary graphic novels (not anime or superheroes), children’s, young adult, humor, literary, psychology, health, travel, Canadian
One of my earliest childhood memories is my mom reading books to me. I fell in love with books and stories and their ability to take me outside of myself and explore new worlds, meet fascinating characters and learn new things. I’ve worked in a wide variety of positions in public libraries serving all age groups and love reading all kinds of books – kids, teens, adults, fiction, nonfiction, contemporary, classic, biography, travelogue, graphic doesn’t long as it’s a good book I’m happy!! Some of my favourite books of all time are: Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs, A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson, and Paper Towns by John Green. My husband is constantly asking me: Is that another new book you’re reading? That’s right! I’ve always got a book on the go….sometimes more than one at a time.
Check out some of Linda’s online recommendations.

Book Advisor Gayle

Children’s picture books, Young Adult fiction, Cozy mysteries, Southern fiction, steampunk, re-told fairy tales, “chick lit”, popular new titles, fantasy, romance, biographies, and historical fiction
As a children’s librarian, I’m crazy about picture books and enjoy lots of young adult fiction. I don’t read as much school-age fiction, but do try to keep up with it. On the adult side, I read quite a bit of quite a few things – from cozy mysteries to steampunk to historical fiction that takes place in the 1920’s-50’s. When I travel, I like to take along novels set in locations I’m visiting. I read the occasional thriller, but am too wimpy for horror. Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, schoolers, teens or adults – I’ll find you something great to read or have read to you!

Book Advisor Naomi

Pop culture, historical true crime, politics, fiction with vivid characters, graphic novels, thrillers, horror, science fiction, fantasy, teen fiction, classics, ESL Readers
I have a confession to make… I am a pop culture devotee. I love nothing better than to brew a cup of tea, cuddle down on a couch, and binge-watch a season of Empire with gossip blog breaks. My reading interests follow suit – give me the page-turners with the larger-than-life characters. Wherever the top is, this book better be over it. I want vivid characters to love or love to hate and plotlines steeped in melodrama. I also enjoy listening to podcasts covering pop culture, current events or comedy. I’d be happy to recommend a couple!


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