Battle of the Books


This summer vote to pick Surrey's favourite teen novel. 

We started with a 32 title long list. We've narrowed it down to 16 titles for your consideration. Each week vote on four titles until we narrow it down to a winner at the end of the summer.

Voting starts June 23. Each week there will be a new combination of books to pick from.

Vote for Week 4

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Week 4 Competitors

Each week we have two pairs of books to vote on. 

Bracket One

Foul Lady Fortune Book Cover

Foul Lady Fortune – Chloe Gong 

It's 1931 in Shanghai, and the stage is set for a new decade of intrigue. Four years ago, Rosalind Lang was brought back from the brink of death, but the strange experiment that saved her also stopped her from sleeping and aging--and allows her to heal from any wound. In short, Rosalind cannot die. Now, desperate for redemption from her traitorous past, she uses her abilities as an assassin for her country. Code name: Fortune. But when the Japanese Imperial Army begins its invasion march, Rosalind's mission pivots. A series of murders is causing unrest in Shanghai, and the Japanese are under suspicion. Rosalind's new orders are to infiltrate foreign society and identify the culprits behind the terror plot before more of her people are killed. To reduce suspicion, however, she must pose as the wife of another Nationalist spy, Orion Hong, and though Rosalind finds Orion's cavalier attitude and playboy demeanor infuriating, she is willing to work with him for the greater good. But Orion has an agenda of his own, and Rosalind has secrets that she wants to keep buried. As they both attempt to unravel the conspiracy, the two spies soon find that there are deeper and more horrifying layers to this mystery than they ever imagined.

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Her Dark Wings Book Cover

Her Dark Wings - Melinda Salisbury

"The great love of Corey's life has always been her best friend, Bree: closer than sisters, their bond is unbreakable. Or so Corey thought, until Bree betrays her in the worst way possible. When Bree's sudden death rocks their small island community, Corey is heartbroken and furious. How can she mourn her one-time friend when she is still so angry at her? But though Bree has passed on, her spirit remains--and her and Corey's tale isn't finished yet. Soon, Corey finds herself called to the Underworld, where she'll encounter creatures of legend, including the terrifying, beautiful Furies, who encourage her to embrace her rage. And then there is Hades himself: a god who is unyielding, cold and irritatingly arrogant. Her time in Hades's realm will change her,because the more she learns about herself, the more Corey's own power stirs. But can she resist the lure of the darkness within?"--
Coping with the sudden death of her ex-best friend, eighteen-year-old Corey finds herself plunged into the Underworld, where she must contend with mythical beasts, her own burgeoning powers, and the arrogant, handsome Lord of the Dead.

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Bracket Two

Brightly Burning Book Cover

Brightly Burning - Alexa Donne

Two hundred years after a supervolcano causes an ice age that makes earth uninhabitable, seventeen-year-old Stella Ainsley quits her engineering job on an old space ship to accept a position as governess on the Rochester, a private space ship orbiting the moon. As she falls in love with the ship's brooding and reclusive captain and slowly befriends the secretive crew, Stella uncovers a plot that threatens the entire interstellar fleet.

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Stars in their Eyes Book Cover

Stars in Their Eyes - Jessica Walton

Maisie has always dreamed of meeting her hero, Kara Bufano, an amputee actor who plays a kick-arse amputee character in her favourite show. Fancon is big and exciting and exhausting. Then she meets Ollie, a cute volunteer who she has a lot in common with. Could this be the start of something, or will her mum, who doesn't seem to know what boundaries are, embarrass her before she and Ollie have a chance?

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