Motion and Commotion! Get moving and reading this summer!

Kids of all ages can join the summer reading club to earn stickers and a super reader medal by reading this summer! It's free to join, and even younger kids can join and listen to stories.

Starts June 19th 2018.

How to join the summer reading club:

  1. Come into any library location to sign up and get your reading record
  2. Read all through the summer, mark the days you read on your reading record.
  3. Come back to the library after you've read 7 days (or longer) and collect a sticker for your reading record.
  4. Collect all 7 stickers for your reading record (49 days of reading), and earn a super reader medal!

What can I read?

Kids can read books, comics, or listen to stories. Read at home, on vacation, or anywhere! Each day marked as 'read' should be 15 minutes or more of reading.