Suggest New Items

Help us build the best collection possible. Suggest new items we should have.

Inside your online account (Bibliocommons) you can:

  • Suggest new items (2 per month)
  • Track your suggestions
  • Receive feedback right in your account about your suggestion

Log In and Submit a Suggestion

The first time you log in you will need to create an account. Please note, suggesting titles for our collection is only available to patrons who have received a physical library card from one of our 10 branches. Use the instructions below, contact us or ask a staff member for help.

How To Set Up Your Online Account (Bibliocommons)

  1. Select “My Account” (in the top right menu bar)
  2. Enter your library card number and PIN
    * library card number or barcode is the 14-digit number on your card
    * PIN number or password (usually the last four digits of your phone number)
    * Click Log In
  3. A welcoming page will open. Check that your personal information is correct. If it is incorrect, update your information at the Circulation desk the next time that you come to the library.
  4. Providing your email address is optional. It will be used if you forget your PIN/password and request a reset. If you don’t provide your email address you will have to contact the library to recover it.
  5. Create a username. Once created, you can use your username instead of your barcode to login if you prefer. Need help creating a username? Use your initials and your street number (SDK203), your dog’s name, or something about you (Twilightfan) that’s short and easy for you to remember.
  6. You can choose to keep track of your borrowing history.
  7. Read and accept “Terms and conditions”.

Your online account is ready.

How To View Your Submissions

  1. Select “My Account” (in the top right menu bar)
  2. Log into your library account (Bibliocommons). If you haven’t logged in before, there will be some prompts asking you to confirm details and setup a username.
  3. Select "My Library Dashboard" from the account menu under your username.
  4. From "My Library Dashboard" click “Suggested this Month” on the left.
  5. Here you will find staff responses to your suggestions and its status.

Need more help? Contact us or visit one of our ten locations.