Application for Accessibility Services

  • Current Part 1: Personal Information
  • Part 2: Delivery Service
  • Part 3: Eligibility for Accessible Formats
  • Part 4: Equipment
  • Part 5: Reading Profile
  • Complete
Nature of Disability/Reason for Service
I have a learning disability such as a perceptual impairment
I have a physical disability such as the inability to hold or manipulate a book
I have an impairment of sight, or inability to focus or move my eyes
I have a mobility challenge such as an illness, injury or disability that prevents me from visiting the library, carrying library materials or leaving my home for an extended period
I have a severe or total impairment of hearing
I am a senior without transportation
I give Surrey Libraries permission to keep a list of books checked out to me in order to avoid receiving duplicates. I agree to be responsible for all materials delivered to me, and to abide by the rules and regulations of Surrey Libraries.

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For children under 12 or an incapable minor under 19, a parent’s or guardian’s signature is also required

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