Surrey Libraries App Features

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Our Surrey Libraries app lets you browse for items and manage your account straight from your phone or tablet. Check out our top three favourite features of the app.

1. Your family's library cards are one tap away.

No digging around, it is right at the top of the main window. You can add up to 8 cards, and you can easily swipe between them.

Top of the app, featuring link to barcode and details about your account

If needed, you can opt out of the multiple card feature by going to 'Account Settings' and changing your PIN.

2. The scan to search feature.

Scan the barcode of any book and find which branches have it.

Screenshot of the app scanning the barcode on the back of a book

3. Browsing the newest items as they come in.

Our latest purchases are there as soon as you open the app.

Cover of new items in the app

You can also manage your account, keep lists of what you want to read, place holds, and find information on our branches.

Please contact us, or stop by your local branch if you need help installing it or getting started.

Available via Apple App Store and Google Play