Suggest New Items

We have moved to better way to suggest new items to the library.

You can:

  • Track your suggestions in your library account
  • Recieve feedback right in your account about your suggestion

Suggest A New Item
library card and PIN required

Haven't setup your online library account (Bibliocommons)? You can find more information here

Need more help? Contact us or visit one of our nine locations.

Please note there is a limit of 3 suggestions per month.

The legacy form is available here until December 18th 2017.


Making A New Suggestion

1) Click on the 'Suggest A New Item' button above.

2) Log into your library account (Bibliocommons). If you haven't logged in before there will be some prompts asking you to confirm some details and setup a username.

3) The next window click on 'Add Suggestion' on the right.

4) Please fill out the information in the next series of windows that appear. One the third page you will click 'Submit'

Finding Suggestions For Purchase In Your Library Account (Bibliocommons)

1) Log into your library account

2) Click on the red button in the top right

3) Click on 'My Library Dashboard'

4) Click on 'Suggested this Month' in the left of the screen to see the status of already submitted suggestions

5) Click on 'Suggest a Purchase' to make a new suggestion.