Upgraded Library Website

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New look, better accessibility

Did you notice? We upgraded our website! These changes bring important accessibility features, allowing everyone to use our site a little easier.

Take a closer look at some of the changes.

Improved Contrast

Our old site might have felt softer, but increased contrast helps everyone read the site better.

Hover States

When you move your mouse over a card on our site, you will see it raise a little. This is called a hover state and it is an added visual cue. See it around the little Bee-Bot below or try it out for yourself.

Fewer Buttons

You will see less 'learn more' or 'login' buttons. This change is for screen readers, tools that read aloud the text of pages to users. Limiting buttons creates an easier to navigate website for screen reading software.

Where We Started

A lot has changed since our 1999 homepage.

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