Family Law Resources


Find help with family law issues including divorce, custody issues, and child safety.

BC Family Unbundling Roster

Find a lawyer or paralegal that that will provide help for certain aspects of your legal issue. It’s a more affordable way of getting legal help since you pay for only what you need. Individual lawyers and paralegals on this list have chosen to provide this service. 
Learn more about the BC Family Unbundling Roster.

Desk Order Divorce

Basic guide to doing  your own uncontested divorce.
Learn more about Desk Order divorce.

Do Your Own Uncontested Divorce

Basic guide to doing  your own uncontested divorce.
Learn more about Do Your Own Uncontested Divorce.

Family Duty Counsel

14340 – 57 Avenue, Surrey BC (get directions to the Family Duty Counsel)
Duty counsel lawyers provide free assistance for qualifying low income individuals with their family law problems, including child protection issues (if the Ministry of Children and Family Development becomes involved with your family). Can give advice and may speak on your behalf in court on simple matters.  They can also attend family case conferences at some courts. They will not take on your whole case and will not represent you at a trial.
Learn more about Family Duty Counsel.

Family Law in British Columbia

Great website for family law issues. Also has a chat help service that offers live help finding resources.  Also have fact sheets and self help guides that walk you through making court applications.
Learn more about Family Law in British Columbia.

Family Law Line

1-866-577-2525 or 604-408-2172
If you are of low income and have a family law issue, you may be eligible for free advice over the phone. Family Law LINE lawyers give brief "next step" advice about issues such as custody, access, guardianship, child support, spousal support, property division, family agreements, adoption, and court procedures. Interpreters available.
Learn more about the Family Law Line.

JP Boyd on Family Law—ClickLaw Wikibooks

Provides practical, in-depth coverage of family law and divorce law in BC. Available online with links to forms, and in print at the library.
Learn more about the JP Boyd on Family Law—ClickLaw Wikibooks.

Ministry of Justice e-Divorce

Guides you through an online joint divorce. Joint divorce means making an application for a divorce together with your spouse. It means that you and your spouse agree about getting a divorce and that you agree about all of the family law issues relevant to your situation, such as spousal support, and the division of family property and debts.
Learn more about the Ministry of Justice e-Divorce.

Parenting After Separation Workshops & Handbook

Free online workshops that help parents make informed decisions about separation which consider their children’s best interests. Also free downloadable PDF handbook.
Learn more about the Parenting After Separation Workshops & Handbook.

Newton Town Centre Parent Legal Centre

308 – 7337 137th Street, Surrey BC (get directions to the Newton Town Centre Parent Legal Centre)
Helps parents address social workers concerns about their children’s safety.  Lawyers and advocates will help you through the process, represent you  and make sure you know your rights.
Learn more about the Newton Town Centre Parent Legal Centre.

Surrey Justice Access Centre

14340 57th Avenue, Surrey BC (3rd Floor) (get directions to the Surrey Justice Access Centre)
Information on the court process, mediation and help with applications. They provide neutral and confidential services to British Columbians going through separation or divorce.
Learn more about the Surrey Justice Access Centre.

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